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Apps to create interactive maps

Discover apps and services to create interactive maps.

Create interactive maps for embedding in websites.

Best apps to create interactive maps

For Web / Cloud Android Iphone iPad
Open Source
Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly …
Google Maps
Google Maps is a map platform developed and maintained by Google.
Mapme empowers anyone to build smart and beautiful maps for free and witho…
Badger Maps
Badger Maps enables field sales teams to manage their territory by combini…

Random Features

appmus feature
Share Code Snippets
Share code snippets online
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View Documentation
View and search documentation.
appmus feature
Clean Windows Registry
Scan and delete unwanted Windows registry entries
appmus feature
Browse Websites
Browse internet websites with interactive content
appmus feature
Compress Files
Compress files and folders to save size and easier transmission.
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Create Isolated Containers
Create isolated containers to run collection of softwares as an package