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Download torrent files from the internet

Best apps to Download Torrent Files

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µTorrent or utorrent is a client program for BitTorrent protocol for sharing files which are normally called as torrents. It supports major platforms and has …


Seedr is a tool to directly download and stream online videos.

Commercial retrieves data from the internet and putting it into your personal, private space.

Open Source

qBittorrent is an opensource BitTorrent client for sharing and downloading files from torrent sites.

Freemium is an online storage service and bittorrent client combined.
ExtraTorrent (ET) was an online index of digital content of entertainment media and software, where visitors could search, download and contribute magnet lin…

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Uninstall Apps And Softwares

Remove apps and softwares along with traces of it.

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Create A Virtual Machine In Cloud

create and host a virtual machine in cloud

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Custom cover image

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Search for a similar looking screenshot from other users.

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Create Spreadsheet Documents

create and edit spreadsheet documents.