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Free Personal
Steam is a digital game distribution platform developed by Valve corporati…
Google Play Games
Google Play Games is an online gaming service and software development kit…
Free is a website for users to host, sell and download indie video game…
GOG Galaxy
Free (Good Old Games) is a Cypriot digital distribution platform servic…
Open Source
Desura is a digital distribution platform for the Microsoft Windows, Linux…
Commercial is a Cypriot digital distribution platform service for video games…
Origin is an online gaming, digital distribution and digital rights manage…

Random Features

appmus feature
Block Websites
Block websites and web pages
appmus feature
Read RSS Feeds
Read and manage RSS Feeds.
appmus feature
Browse Websites
Browse internet websites with interactive content
appmus feature
Take Notes
Take notes digitally
appmus feature
Edit Screenshot
Edit screenshot inside the app.
appmus feature
Manage TODO Tasks
Manage TODO tasks smoothly