Apps to monitor social media buzz

Discover apps and services to monitor social media buzz.

Monitor social media buzz by knowing someone mentions you or your anything you interested being mentioned in the social networks.

Best apps to monitor social media buzz

For Web / Cloud
Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service.


Awario is an app that helps businesses monitor social media buzz, find new mentions, and control all their SMM efforts.

Find apps to do interesting things:

appmus feature

Develop MacOS Games

Develop games for macOS devices.

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Backup Files Online

Backup files online

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Tweet From Desktop

Tweet from desktop without opening browser.

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Create And Edit LaTeX Documents

Create and edit LaTeX documents normally with a visual preview feature.

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Find Apps And Softwares

Find apps and software applications that interests you and needed by you.

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Monitor Website Downtime

Know when your website is down or not reachable to act immediately to take neces…