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Best apps to Send and Receive Email

For windows Mac Linux Web / Cloud Android Iphone iPad
Freemium is a free personal email service from Microsoft.
Free Personal
Gmail is Google's email platform which is free for personal use. It is cur…
Open Source
Rambox is a free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines …

Random Features

appmus feature
Join MP3 Files
Join two or more MP3 audio files to a single file.
appmus feature
Track Time
Tracks time spent doing the certain activity which is normally used for tracking time spent for the particular project.
appmus feature
Blocks Denial Of Service Attacks
Blocks DOS (denial-of-service) attacks on the server.
appmus feature
Save Bookmarks In The Cloud
Save your website bookmarks in the cloud.
appmus feature
Flash SD Card
Flash SD cards normally for Raspberry Pi
appmus feature
Design Website Visually
Design website using a visual editor.