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JS Bin
JS Bin is a live pastebin for HTML, CSS & JavaScript and a range of proces…
CodePen is an online community for testing and showcasing user-created HTM…
Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of …
Ideone allows users to develop code for a large variety of languages and t…
Open Source
Haste is the prettiest, easiest to use pastebin ever made.
GitHub Gist
Github offers a platform called Gist for sharing text and code snippets.
jsFiddle lets developers play with the three core elements of Web developm…

Random Features

appmus feature
Change Your MAC Address
Change your MAC or Physical address for each network adapters separately.
appmus feature
Control Remote Computer
Control another computer or system remotely
appmus feature
Decompress Or Extract Compressed Archives
Decompress or extract compressed archive files.
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Handle FTP Requests
Handle FTP requests and serve file over FTP protocol
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Update Apps And Softwares
Keep installed apps and softwares updated.
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Manage Links In The Cloud
Manage your personally collected links to websites and articles in the cloud.