Disposable Email Softwares and Apps

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Best Disposable Email Softwares and Apps

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Open Source

MailDrop provides free disposable e-mail addresses for use in web forms, app signups, or any other place you'd like to protect your privacy.


Mailinator is a disposable email service where a unique email address is used for every contact or entity.
Harakirimail is a free disposable email service.
YOPmail provides Temporary and Disposable Email addresses to protect you against Spam.

Open Source

spamgourmet provides email addresses that get created automatically the first time they are used, forward messages, and then automatically expire.
Bouncr is an email privacy service to protect email address from strangers.
Airmail is a fast mail client for Mac and iPhone.
Dispostable is a quick online throwaway email provider.

Free Personal

nada provides temporary disposable email service.
10 Minute Mail is a disposable e-mail service to beat spam.
Guerrilla Mail is a free disposable email address service.