BackupPC vs Areca Backup : Which is Better?

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BackupPC is a free disk-to-disk backup software suite with a web-based frontend. The cross-platform server will run on any Linux, Solaris, or UNIX-based server. No client is necessary, as the server is itself a client for several protocols that are handled by other services native to the client OS.

License: Open Source

Categories: Backup & Sync

Apps available for Mac OS X Windows Linux Online Android

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Areca Backup

Areca Backup is a personal file backup software developed in Java. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 2. Developed by Olivier PETRUCCI

License: Open Source

Apps available for Windows Linux

BackupPC VS Areca Backup Feature comparision

Feature BackupPC Areca Backup
Encrypted backups
Incremental backup
AES encryption
Automatic Backup
Command line
Delta Backup
Differential backup
Folder sync
Cloud Storage
Auto Backup
File sharing
Support for FTP
Multiple languages
Schedule Backup
File by file encryption
Cloud sync
Disk Imaging
Disk Cloning
Command line interface
Openstack swift integration
Azure integration
Clone to smaller disks
Mirror Backup
Password encryption
Backup profiles
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