Macsome Audio Recorder vs Audacity : Which is Better?

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Macsome Audio Recorder

Macsome Audio Recorder is an audio recorder software. Developed by Macsome Inc

License: Commercial

Apps available for Mac OS X

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Audacity is a free opensource audio editor utility which also cross platform. Developed by The Audacity Team

License: Open Source

Categories: Audio & Music

Apps available for Mac OS X Windows Linux BSD

Macsome Audio Recorder VS Audacity Feature comparision

Feature Macsome Audio Recorder Audacity
Audio Recording
Audio Editing
Multitrack editing
Mix Music
Support for VST plugins
Audio conversion
Chords detection
Lossless Audio
Convert YouTube videos to Mp3
Record Audio
Support for Android Things
FSA tracking
Noise Reduction
Remove Noise
Pitch Correction
Record to tape
Track editing
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