vs Swift Social : Which is Better? icon is a 1-click-zero-setup RSS to Twitter scheduling with queued tweets, auto-retweets, auto-mentions, analytics, and more. Developed by

License: Commercial

Apps available for Online

Swift Social icon

Swift Social

Swift Social is a multi-channel social media management platform. Developed by Swift Social

License: Commercial

Apps available for Mac OS X Windows VS Swift Social Feature comparision

Feature Swift Social
RSS to Twitter
News aggregator
Schedule tweets
Social media integration
Social network
RSS to Facebook
RSS to Medium
RSS to LinkedIn
RSS to Tumblr
Publish on Twitter
Facebook integration
Twitter integration
Content discovery
Content Templates
Marketing automation
Schedule instagram posts
Social Media Automation
Twitter automation
Social media analytics
Multiple Account support
Content Scheduling
Instagram Analytics
Schedule LinkedIn posts
Calendar integration
Content analysis
Content curation
Calendar view
Facebook Analytics
Google Plus integration
Automatic scheduling
Facebook Autoposter
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