Unchecky vs PC Decrapifier : Which is Better?

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Unchecky is a small and lightweight application that has been designed to keep potentially unwanted programs off your computer. Developed by Reason Company Software Inc.

License: Free

Categories: OS & Utilities

Apps available for Windows

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PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier is a compact application designed to remove unneeded programs from brand-new and used PCs.

License: Free Personal

Categories: OS & Utilities

Apps available for Windows

Unchecky VS PC Decrapifier Feature comparision

Feature Unchecky PC Decrapifier
Multiple languages
Software Uninstallers
Bloatware Remover
System Cleanup
Registry Clean-up
Uninstall without uninstaller
Monitor File Changes
Batch processing
Master Details forms
Force Uninstall
Support for 64 bit
Extention Manager
Uninstall devices
Security & Privacy
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