Linux Softwares to share content with friends

Discover Linux Softwares to share content with friends.

Share images, videos or audios with your friends and family.

Best Linux Softwares to share content with friends


Open Source

Diaspora is a nonprofit, user-owned, distributed social network that is based upon the free Diaspora software.

Open Source

Friendica (Friendika or Mistpark) is open source software for a distributed social network. The focus is on effective privacy settings and easy installation …

Find apps to do interesting things:

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Send And Receive Email

Send and receive email messages

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View Documentation

View and search documentation.

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Manage Development Environment Configuration

Manages or provides interface for easy development environment configuration.

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Create 2D Animations

Create 2D animations and export them into multiple file formats.

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Save Screenshot On A Disk Or Upload To The Cloud

Save a screenshot or upload to cloud storage and image hosting platforms.

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Edit Code

Edit source codes