Disk Analysis Softwares and Apps

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Best Disk Analysis Softwares and Apps

For windows Mac Linux

Open Source

WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Windows based systems.

Open Source

CrystalDiskInfo is a utility tool that can tell you about the hardware performance of your hard disk, including how likely it is to stop operating in the near…


SpaceMonger is a tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer.
DiskWave is a free disk usage utility for Mac OS X.
RidNacs is a free and very fast disk space usage analyzer for Windows.

Open Source

Baobab is a disk usage analyzer is a graphical disk usage analyzer for GNOME.
Scanner is a tool uses a sunburst chart to display the usage of your hard disk or other media.
Disks (gnome-disk-utility or GNOME Disks or palimpsest) is a udisks graphical front-end included in the gnome-disk-utility package.
Acronis Drive Monitor is a software monitor server, workstation and PC hard disk drives.
Xinorbis is a powerful hard disk, folder and storage analyzer.