OneTab vs Tabs Outliner : Which is Better?

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OneTab is a google chrome extension to save memory usage while browsing the internet.

License: Free

Apps available for Mac Windows Linux Chrome Firefox

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Tabs Outliner

Tabs Outliner is a chrome extension that acts as a tabs manager, session manager, and tree-like personal information organizer. Developed by Vladyslav Volovyk

License: Freemium

Apps available for Mac Windows Linux Chrome

OneTab VS Tabs Outliner Feature comparision

Feature OneTab Tabs Outliner
Google Chrome Extensions
Colored Tabs
Colored Text
Firefox Extensions
Keep tabs on all accounts in one view
Low memory usage
Name collections
Resource reduction
Share tabs as webpage
Star collections
Share content
Sync between devices
Bookmark organization
Safari extension
Crash recovery
Tree view
Automatic Backup
Automatic bookmarking
Dinamic tab savings
Treat windows as primary session holders
Built-in e-Book converter
Close right/left tabs
Session backup
Session saving
Tabbed browsing
Tree structure
Browser extension
Browser integration
Group tabs
Program Launchers
Google Drive integration
Information gathering
Support for Keyboard Shortcuts
Session management
Multiple Account support
Session sharing
Multiple login on one browser
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